Aggravated Perjury: Veterans Face Bias in Bell County, Texas

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Aggravated perjury is a serious offense in Texas that can have severe consequences, including a felony conviction and significant prison time. Unfortunately, this crime is sometimes committed in the context of child custody matters, where false statements can have a significant impact on the outcome of a case. This issue is particularly relevant to military veterans and service members, who may face additional discrimination and interference with their child custody rights.

In Bell County, Texas Family Court, veterans may face discrimination when seeking custody of their children. Unfortunately, some legal professionals may use false statements or exaggerations to interfere with veterans’ custody rights. In some cases, this interference may even involve perjury, which is a felony offense in Texas. Aggravated perjury occurs when a person knowingly makes a false statement under oath with the intent to mislead a court or jury.

Examples of perjury in the context of child custody matters include false claims about a veteran’s fitness as a parent, including false allegations of abuse, neglect, or other misconduct. These false claims can have significant negative impacts on veterans’ ability to obtain custody of their children. Additionally, the false claims can lead to lengthy and expensive legal battles, adding further stress and strain on the veteran and the children involved.

The negative impacts of perjury and child custody interference are not limited to veterans and their families. The Bell County, Texas community as a whole can suffer as well. When courts are misled by false information, it can lead to incorrect decisions that harm the well-being of children involved. Additionally, the use of perjury in family court cases can undermine the public’s trust in the legal system, leading to further disillusionment and distrust. Military discrimination is ingrained in Bell County Family Court System and many other courts as well. Military veterans and service members are fully capable of taking care of their children just the same as any normal parent. However, when physical limitations are present and informed legal professionals are aware of the fact, it leads to more court fraud.

In addition to perjury and child custody interference, veterans may also face discrimination and violations of their rights under the American Disabilities Act (ADA) in family court. The ADA requires that individuals with disabilities, including veterans with service-related disabilities, have equal access to court proceedings and that reasonable accommodations be made to ensure they can participate fully. Unfortunately, some courts may fail to provide these accommodations, further disadvantaging veterans and adding to the challenges they face in the court system. Courts such as Bell County will set unreasonable expectations regarding the method used for visitation, which, in return, hinders disabled veterans from visitations with their children. In other words, this is simply using the veteran’s physical disabilities and limitations against him or her. This is not just targeted for men but also mothers as well, with clear discrimination and civil rights violations occurring as it is impacting their basic parenting and ADA rights (fair access to the child).

Another problem faced by veterans and service members  in Bell County, Texas, is court fraud. This occurs when individuals, including attorneys or court officials, engage in illegal activities that harm the integrity of the court system. This can include bribery, falsification of evidence, and other forms of corruption that harm the ability of veterans/service members  and their families to obtain fair and just outcomes in child custody matters or simply retaining their rights as per the law. This also occurs when elderly judges who have already been identified as being discriminatory (still in court while awaiting forced retirement) are still used as a tactic to violate a person’s civil rights as slander and defamation are used and the judge cannot sign his or her own orders. However, many attorneys take advantage of new legal consumers behind closed doors, but protecting your rights in the State of Texas can include recording, witnesses that observe conversations, the behaviors of legal professionals and the court, and many forms of documentation. These are prejudicial and discriminatory tactics and hate crimes against our military members and service members in the country they protected and served is unfortunate and illegal. They are experiencing severe civil rights violations in courts such as Bell county most of which is being covered up and rejected so as not to take action.

In conclusion, the issue of aggravated perjury, child custody interference, discrimination, and court fraud faced by veterans in Bell County, Texas Family Court, is a serious problem that has negative impacts on military veterans, children, and the community. It is crucial that the legal system takes steps to address these issues and ensure that all parties involved are treated fairly and equitably. The consequences of these actions can have lasting effects on families and communities, and it is crucial that the legal system takes steps to prevent these negative outcomes. We must stand up for our veterans and fight against any form of discrimination and civil rights violations that they may face.


Note: nothing mentioned in this article should be considered legal advice.

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