Uncovering Family Court Fraud and Discrimination in Texas: The Need for Reform

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This article will cover family court fraud and many other issues, which have become a significant issue in Texas and for military members stationed at places like Fort Hood. It is disheartening to see legal professionals abusing their positions and power disregarding the law and violating the civil rights of legal consumers.

One warning sign of potential misconduct is when you notice your attorney colluding with the opposing attorney, despite having collected evidence, witnesses, and recordings to prove this, there’s an uphill battle.  From your observations and the proof, he or she have gathered, witnesses, the other parties’ witnesses, investigation documentation and the behavior and much more it becomes apparent that your attorney may not be following the law. It is crucial to know your rights as a new legal consumer and later, which your attorney may have failed to inform you of, and to advocate against injustices in family courts, particularly when military discrimination, civil rights violations, attorney and judge misconduct, ADA discrimination and child custody interference are involved.

It is a nightmare to imagine going through court fraud and having your child taken from you unjustly, or having an attorney who insists on not making changes to your divorce decree despite your wishes. This is becoming a serious issue for legal consumers, as tactics are used such as insisting that the client says that they do not want changes to his or her divorce decree so that the client cannot file suit (this can occur behind closed doors when your alone with your attorney but having a witness or recording are valuable). Sadly, this is a common issue in family court near military bases affecting both men and women in the military or veterans. Other parties’ witnesses informing the legal consumer about what was being asked of them by his or her attorney is a clear indication that you are a victim of military discrimination and many crimes carried out by the court and legal professionals.

When a judge has been identified as discriminatory, they are still being kept in family courts. Your attorney and the opposing party’s attorney may set up a court hearing to take advantage of this fact to greaten their odds of the judge ruling in their with a lack of evidence and presenting false claims with the judge not being able to sign his or her’s own orders.  Although your attorney may have all the proof needed to inform the courts that the opposing attorney is lying, they may do nothing about it and instead aid in the deceit.

It is also crucial to note that family courts operate on an exception to the law, and they have been unlawfully violating legal consumers’ civil rights for a long time. There is a need for better protections against these unlawful acts by legal professionals and court reporters. There is no way to ensure that these professionals are recording court hearings accurately and truthfully, nor is there a way to guarantee the conduct of attorneys or judges. Everything about family court seems to be a way for the government and legal professionals to profit by conning individuals out of their parental rights. The governance of legal professionals is nonexistent, and this is why many illegal actions occur do to the lack of accountability and protections for legal consumers.

Recording attorneys and court hearings, has become increasingly important when dealing with legal professionals and family courts. However, it is essential to check your state laws regarding recording, and this is not legal advice.

Finally, we need to advocate against America’s biggest evil, family courts, legal professional misconduct, and governmental programs that bring hardship to communities, children, parents (with disabilities), and families. Military discrimination has been an ongoing issue within many states regarding family courts. They commit court fraud, continue to violate legal consumers civil rights, falsely accuse individuals in court cases, and interference with child custody. They also openly discriminate against people with disabilities and veterans, stopping them from having visitations with their children by informing them that they cannot make changes to their divorce decrees during the signing process and falsely lying about information in decrees. I’m a strong believer in obtaining police reports when you notice crimes occurring in family courts, legal professionals and documenting these occurrences.  Have you been a victim of reporting to family court multiple times with your witnesses and every time, you and your witnesses are never able to see a judge while they are present with you? This is another example of tactics legal consumers are facing with family courts and many more, as these tactics allow these legal professionals and courts to violate your civil rights. -Legal consumers are threatened, and informed they cannot speak about illegal practices that have occurred and are being placed in jail for not remaining silent. Social media profiles and groups on Facebook are being actively monitored.

In my opinion, obtaining affidavits are very important from all witnesses to keep for a later time.

We are inviting readers who have been without a voice to join us on our podcast for interviews to share their stories with the world.   Nothing I mentioned should be considered legal advice.

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