The Crimes of Texas: Bell County

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The family court system has become a breeding ground for lies, fraud, and oppression, especially for military personnel and veterans. Unfortunately, my story is not unique, as many others have also experienced the unpleasantness of family courts. Discrimination against disabled persons and veterans in these courts is highly criminal, and individuals often face insurmountable obstacles when fighting against the legal professionals and courts.

One of the biggest problems in family courts is the lack of transparency and accountability. The legal process can be extremely confusing, and it can be difficult for individuals to understand what is happening in their case. Additionally, some legal professionals can be intentionally misleading, which can lead to disastrous outcomes for those who put their trust in them.

To address these issues, it is crucial to understand the importance of residuals in legal cases. Residuals are pieces of evidence that can be used to demonstrate illegal behavior and discrimination. Examples of residuals include witness testimonies, call records, email correspondence, recordings, and statements from legal professionals, cps agents, and investigators. These residuals are essential for legal consumers as they can provide solid evidence in court to support their case.

Despite the abundance of residuals, bad actors in family courts often evade liability. In some cases, even when cps agents and programs meant to safeguard and protect families uncover the truth, discriminatory practices still occur. Moreover, some attorneys collude with opposing counsel, arrange fraudulent court hearings with biased judges who have already been identified and are waiting forced retirement (are still in our court rooms), and even attorney’s attempting to coerce witnesses to lie about abuse. This behavior is unacceptable and represents a significant threat to the integrity of the legal system.

One of the biggest challenges in addressing these issues is the lack of accountability for bad actors in the legal system. Many individuals who have experienced misconduct in family courts are afraid to speak out, fearing retaliation from legal professionals or a lack of response from state bars. Moreover, state bars often seem more interested in covering up trends in attorney misconduct rather than correcting wrongs.

To address these issues, it is essential that legal professionals are held accountable for their behavior. State bars must take their responsibility to regulate the legal profession seriously, and individuals must be encouraged to come forward with their experiences of legal misconduct. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that family courts operate with integrity and fairness to ensure justice is served.

In conclusion, the family court system must undergo significant changes to ensure that justice is served. The use of residuals can provide critical evidence in legal cases, and it is essential to hold bad actors accountable for their behavior. Ultimately, it is up to the legal community to ensure that the legal system operates with the highest ethical standards and that justice is served for all.


This is whats happening in Courts all across the world and not just bell county Texas. #speak up for military/veterans, men and women alike.  Nothing I mentioned should be considered legal advice      #Military discrimination #ADA Discrimination  # Bell county Texas court fraud  #child custody interference #civil rights violations  #you are not alone   #know your rights # spot court fraud  #bring awareness to illegal practices by legal professionals, court staff (paralegals & court reporters)   #what is wrong with the state bar data? Is it unbaised and what trends regarding complaints are seen in the data that is not shown to the public     #Raise awarness about the lack of showing of accurate data for complaints filed with state bars that will surely prove the same trends and behavioral patterns for attorney’s

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