Pakistan Greece boat tragedy

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In a significant move against human trafficking, Pakistan has apprehended ten individuals suspected of involvement in the tragic boat incident off the coast of Greece on June 14. The South Asian country’s authorities took swift action after discovering that a significant number of the migrants and refugees who tragically lost their lives were Pakistani nationals.

The country’s Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, has initiated an immediate and stringent action against those involved in the illicit trade of human smuggling. He has issued a stern directive to escalate efforts to combat this grave crime, as per an official statement from his office.

The suspects were apprehended from various regions under Islamabad’s control, including Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and one individual was caught at Karachi airport attempting to escape overseas, as reported by local media outlet Geo News.

Khalid Chauhan, a senior officer, stated that the suspects were detained during a rigorous crackdown on human traffickers. The police are currently questioning them about their alleged involvement in deceiving and exploiting locals by promising them a better life abroad in exchange for large sums of money.

Chaudhary Shaukat, a local official from Pakistan-administered Kashmir, confirmed that the ten suspects are currently under investigation for their alleged role in facilitating the entire smuggling operation.

Every year, thousands of young Pakistanis risk their lives, attempting to enter Europe without the necessary documentation, hoping for a better future. Reports suggest that dozens of Pakistanis were aboard the vessel that capsized off Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula, resulting in the loss of at least 78 lives, with hundreds still unaccounted for.

The vessel, carrying as many as 750 individuals, including men, women, and children from Syria, Egypt, and the Palestinian territories, was en route to Europe. The incident has been marked as one of the worst maritime disasters of the year.

In the wake of this tragedy, support has been pouring in for the families of those presumed to have been on the boat. Raja Sakundar, a resident of Bindian village in the Kotli district of Azad Kashmir, shared his anguish over his four missing nephews, aged between 18 to 36.

Local media estimates suggest that as many as 298 Pakistanis might have perished in the Greek boat disaster, including 135 from the Pakistani side of Kashmir. However, these numbers could not be independently verified.

In response to the tragedy, Prime Minister Sharif declared a national day of mourning for the deceased citizens, expressing his sorrow over the incident. He announced that the national flag would be flown at half-staff on the following Monday.

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