When the System Fails Families: The Corruption of Family Courts in Texas

When the System Fails Families

When the System Fails Families: The Corruption of Family Courts in Texas;

Family court is supposed to be a place where families can resolve their disputes and work towards a fair outcome that benefits everyone involved. However, in Texas, many families are finding that the family court system is failing them. Corruption, unethical behavior, and illegal practices are all too common in Texas family courts, leading to injustices and devastation for families involved.

According to Kathleen Russell, the Executive Director of the Center for Judicial Excellence, Texas family courts have become “a cesspool of judicial corruption” (Russell, 2019). Parents and advocates have been speaking out about the injustices they have faced in family court in Texas, including illegal treatment and out-of-control judges. In a recent open meeting held by the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct (SCJC), parents spoke out about their experiences, with allegations ranging from legal kidnapping of children by the state Child Protection Services to false arrests and courtroom abuse (Leins, 2020).

One of the major issues in Texas family courts is the lack of accountability for judges who engage in unethical or illegal behavior. The SCJC, which is responsible for holding Texas judges accountable, only hears from the public in an open forum once every 365 days (Fox, 2020). Even when complaints are filed, there are concerns that they are not being processed or investigated in a timely manner, if at all (Chikkerur, 2020). This lack of oversight allows judges to abuse their power and make discretionary rulings that harm families.

Another issue in Texas family courts is the way in which child custody and support cases are handled. Many parents feel that the system is stacked against them, with broken homes being encouraged and absent fathers being mandated (Johnson, 2020). There have been allegations of judges issuing orders for children to be returned to their abusers and of children being misdiagnosed with child abuse (Mirafuentes, 2020). These injustices have led to a lack of trust in the family court system and a growing sense of outrage among parents.

It is clear that there are serious issues with corruption and illegal practices in Texas family courts. Parents and advocates are calling for greater accountability for judges, more transparency in the complaint process, and a system that prioritizes the well-being of children and families. Without these changes, families in Texas will continue to face devastating outcomes in family court. As one parent put it, “It’s time to step up to the plate and hold these judges accountable” (Fox, 2020).


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