Staying In The Fight For Justice Against Civil Rights Violation                                                               

Justice Against Civil Rights Violation

Staying In The Fight For Justice Against Civil Rights Violation

It’s a very hard and painful experience being a victim of the law. Most individuals who are victims speak with others so as to not feel alone against such evil in America. After you have had your civil rights violated, you might gain a new perspective on the law. Well, I hope everyone is conscious of the cruelty of those who seek to illegally manipulate the law to deceive, lie, and take away which are mainly professionals who practice law and are in a position of power to do so. Why is so much trust given to these professionals when human error is something that cannot be ignored any longer?

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Have you ever had a thought afterward of reflection? If so, you’re probably attempting to live a normal life as a victim of illegally practiced law to oppress, suppress, or take something from you. I’m sorry about your experience and I’m here to let you know that you are an amazing individual and should not feel bad about illegal activities going on with Judges, Attorneys, or state-run programs. See, to know and be aware of something of this magnitude is surely a burden to carry but take it a step at a time and know that you will make it through this hardship caused by the law to oppress and suppress you with clear discrimination, prejudice, and bias as the intent.


The truth is that civil rights violations have always occurred here in America. Discrimination, illegal actions, or clear civil rights violations by rogue Judges, Attorneys, CPS, and ADPS. We are not the first to experience such things and it doesn’t make anyone lesser than anyone else.  I have personally taken to the profession of law for research purposes but I’m not an attorney, so please be mindful to take your own actions as what I write is just my opinion, and research-based. The main moral of the story is that this is incorporated into almost every nation. It’s a governmental issue that lingers all around the world, I discovered this after speaking with many victims.


Usually, these individuals who experience this are left behind and are turned away and shunned, even with everything that would be needed to hold one of these professionals accountable the law aids and have a strong community that takes up for its own, wrongfully. It causes awaking fear and knowing that your civil rights were violated and nothing will ever come from it due to limitations of the law. Stay in the fight and advocate against the wrongful practice of laws in Texas and also everywhere else.


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