Killeen Texas, Disparities for Military Members – Discrimination: Abuse of Position & Power

Disparities for Military Members

Killeen Texas, Disparities for Military Members – Discrimination: Abuse of Position & Power

For readers who are curious about the disparities affecting service members, both men and women, disabled or not, I would like to shed light on the issue of “crimes and criminals with law licenses.” It’s no secret that there are numerous cover-ups in our court systems, including gag orders that prevent victims of civil rights violations, discrimination, and crimes from speaking out.

Despite having proof or witnesses of these crimes, justice is denied that’s not in accordance with the laws. In some cases, fraudulent court cases are conducted by judges who have already been identified as being prejudiced, biased, or discriminatory towards certain individuals, and these cases are signed off by another judge. These tactics are used to violate the rights of the individual in an inhumane manner, and the false notion of free will is used to justify the agenda of the courts.

The majority of these crimes go undetected because of the involvement of licensed attorneys and judges who act as rogue agents of the law, deceiving the consumers of law and openly discriminating. State bars fail to hold these rogue agents accountable, and often cover up and deny that victims had their civil rights violated. Criminals with law licenses often take victims to closed court hearings where they violate the person’s civil rights in a deceptive manner to sway the outcome.

To protect my rights, I would:

  1. Research the state law regarding recording individuals
  2. Always request to record court hearings
  3. Speak out in court about the crimes witnessed and file a police report
  4. Obtain affidavits from witnesses
  5. Request a federal hearing
  6. Fire the attorney if discrimination, biased behavior, or any other violation of the law is noticed
  7. File an ethics complaint with the state
  8. Stay informed about my rights through self-research and recording the responses of my attorney.

In my opinion, consumers of the law are often unaware of their rights in an unfair case, and these attorneys and judges operate within a corrupted system of closed networks. Many times, these attorneys and judges have multiple complaints filed against them that are never seen by potential clients due to the bar’s cover-up, yet the state bars fail to hold these professionals accountable. A trend has been observed in the comments section of a few states, and it shows a pattern of civil rights violations, particularly among military members and disabled veterans.

It’s disheartening to see that in 2023, there is still a need to be cautious of court reporters, attorneys, and judges who engage in criminal activities. Although there are many great legal professionals, there are also those who operate in closed courts without recording, leaving room for them to violate your civil rights. There is a need for an investigation into the state bars and perhaps even the government to address this issue. These legal professionals should not be allowed to practice laws that illegally violate rights and civil rights. Consumers of the law should be aware of the illegal tactics used by these individuals to violate their rights.

None of what I stated in this article is to be considered legal advice, this is just my opinion.


#Protect your rights                      # Know your rights                     #police the legal profession and court staff       #Advocate

# Don’t become a victim of corrupted legal professionals who have a strong history of discrimination or violating a person’s civil rights.


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