Bell County Texas Family Court Child Endangerment

Black little girl crying because she does not want to go back home

Topic: Child Forced by Bell County Texas Family Court legal professionals to Stay in unsafe home Amidst a Verified Extramarital Affair with alleged Violence in Police report affidavit of other parents partner during family court case – with held by legal professionals and while with witnesses never being able to see a judge.

On going history of bruises on child bottom that Bell County Texas Family Court and unethical legal professionals refused to acknowledge. Bell County Texas Family Court Child Custody Interference – loss of parental rights, civil rights of Father and Child Violated to the highest degree in Bell County Texas Family Court.

#Court Fraud #Civil Rights Violations #Loss of parental rights #unethical Legal Professionals #injuries to child and disabled father during divorce #We the people demand Justice #Payment of loss of a child and injuries #Disbarment #Imprisonment #Court Approved Child Kidnapping over 2+ years for disabled veteran #Discrimination of African American and minority soldiers, child and Father

#Racist Family Court + Unethical Legal Professionals

#Elderly Female Judge unable to sign own orders resulting in male judge signing orders

#Elderly Judge Identifed as Discrimintory and was being Forced into Retirement (Bell County 2020).

#Only One Attorney Was Able to Identify The Elderly Judge Who Was Not Legally Allowed to Serve

#Attorney violates Legal Contract/Agreement/Oath

#Attorneys = Family Court Karens who remained uncharged and in Practice

#Maintained Original Court Documents with Judges Names missing from Documentation, Verified Email Documentation, Document was reviewed and verified via email that shows client reviewing decree and calling father rights attorney to aid during signing process to ensure civil rights were not violated by hired attorney.

#elderly female judge was not legally allowed to serve (bell county 2020)

#2 Attorneys, 2 Judges and Court Staff, Court Fraud Against Disabled Veteran

#Bell County Court Fraud Agaisnt Disabled Veteran – Attorney Misconduct – Multiple felony level violations

#Witnesses Alleged Attorneys ask them to lie about Abuse and not only other party – Bell County Texas Family Court

#Heart Monitor

#Medical documentation (during family court case) – “Father fears they’re attempting to steal his child in his divorce + Verified Extramarital Affair with Military Co-Worker.”

#Medical Documentation: Heart Monitor (during family court case)

#Medical Documentation: non-disclosed referes to Family Court (during family court case)

#Injuries to disabled veteran during family court #Other Parties witnesses (women) were asked to lie about abuse and reported in criminal case

#Legal Contract States Disabled Veteran Cannot Sue Legal Professionals

#Bell County Criminal Case – unethical legal professionals

#African American Veteran harassed, intimidated, Civil Rights Violated by Bell County Family Court and Unethical Legal Professionals – police called multiple times but no arrests ever made to veteran due to Military Documentation and Witness accounts of extramartial affair/investigation.