6 Worst Civil Rights Violations In America

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The 6 worst civil rights violations in America can take many different forms, from illegal arrests and excessive force by law enforcement to intentional discrimination by businesses. It’s important to remember that every individual has inherent rights that must be protected, no matter what the situation. If you feel that your civil rights have been violated, speak to a legal professional for advice on how to proceed.

What is a civil rights violation?

A civil rights violation is any action or omission that denies someone their rights under the United States Constitution or state law. These rights include freedom of speech, assembly, and religion; the right to equal protection under the law; and the right to privacy.

Examples of civil rights violations

: Civil Rights Violations

Civil rights violations can take many different forms, from illegal arrests and excessive force by law enforcement to intentional discrimination by businesses. Here are a few examples:

-An officer arrests someone without proper cause, resulting in a false conviction.

-A business refuses to serve a customer based on race or ethnicity.

-A police officer uses excessive force during an arrest, resulting in injuries or death.

-A school denies admission to a student based on their race or ethnicity.

-Family court civil rights violations have skyrocketed in the state of Texas, especially with in-regards to military discrimination.

Rights that must be protected

Every individual has inherent rights that must be protected, no matter what the situation.

What is being done to currently protect citizens’ civil rights?

: Civil Rights Violations

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is responsible for enforcing the civil rights of Americans. The DOJ has several offices that focus on specific areas, including the Civil Rights Division, which protects the rights of minorities, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which fights against discrimination in the workplace, and the Voting Rights Section, which monitors voting practices to ensure that all citizens have equal access to elections.

Why is there not much awareness regarding corruption in the American legal system and why it’s extremely important to know your rights?

: Civil Rights Violations

A lot of people don’t know their rights or don’t understand the legal system, which makes it easier for corrupt officials to take advantage of them. Knowing your rights and knowing how to protect yourself from corrupt officials can help you stay safe and protect your rights and children.

Who is violating American citizens’ civil rights? 

: Civil Rights Violations

licensed attorneys, sitting judges, and the programs that are put into place by the government are hindering justice and failing to identify and correct these issues.

The things I will personally do whenever dealing with attorneys, judges, and with state programs going forward.

1. I will always arm myself with knowledge about my individual legal rights and have a solid understanding of what documentation is necessary to protect those rights.

2. I will never hesitate to contact the authorities if I feel that my civil rights have been violated, as doing so can help ensure that justice is served. i.e., police report, recording, and witnesses.

3. I will ask to record any court hearings and also check the state laws regarding audio recording to record any attorneys I speak with.

What outreach programs does the law offer for victims of civil rights violations?

: Civil Rights Violations

This is not known to many victims of the legal system and a cry for help is nothing but short of fantasy. 

It leaves an awaking desire to be acknowledged and to be finally heard. A lot of victims are advocates and no longer feel safe living in the United States of America after such violations have occurred. It is critical to know your rights when dealing with any entity of law. Moreover, these occurrences have left many victims feeling hopeless in America’s untold horror stories that many individuals should be aware of and advocating against. When Human error is always present how are our courts and programs holding others in the same profession accountable without bias and ensuring justice and equality for all?

How can change come about to remove “human Error” from our legal systems and programs that seem not to hold each other accountable?



Education on these topics is critical in order to create a society that values and protects its citizens’ civil rights.

 -inhumane treatment and cruelty have become the way of the American legal system by abuse of power and/or position. 

-Nothing of what I mentioned should be considered legal advice


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